Design Thinking to develop a Business

How do you start your own business? What steps do you have to take to ensure that the start is successful and the company is on a solid footing?

Idee&Form has developed a strategy and a workshop that has already been successfully applied 100 times worldwide. Let’s walk together your dream of independence.

The goal of this workshop is to give you an easy start into self-employment. Design Thinking is a working basis for the practical application of various methods to systematically approach your dream of owning your own business. In 10 half-days you will go through all the phases to put your business on a firm footing. In the accompanying playbook you will find everything explained and enough space to record all the information gathered and to be able to refer to it again and again.


Exercises and detailed background information on the methods and tasks used provide you with the tools for success. In this way, you will be properly prepared for continuous improvement of your products with business partners or friends in the further course of your career.

Develop your own business that you have always dreamed of.

Be independent, realize your own ideas, make a difference.

There are so many reasons why we dream of our own business.
You are ready to take the first steps, but you don’t know what exactly is the right business idea for you, or if your business idea is mature enough?
The nagging question is: “How can I make sure that all the effort I am willing to put in will actually lead to a successful business?
If these and similar questions torment you, then our course “Design Thinking to develop a Business” is for you.

Step by Step to your Success

Using the Design Thinking method to understand the customer, turn solutions into products and develop unique selling propositions.


The legendary playbook with 60 editable pages as a workbook to work out and document everything. Iteration is no longer a problem.

Creative Tools

We use simple but efficient tools that get to the heart of the problem. Once applied, they serve over and over again to better understand your business.

Lean Business Canvas

The Lean Business Canvas is a kind of prototyping to work out if we have thought of everything. It helps to create a comprehensive pitch and to convince investors.