A unique web application for the entire and effective loan approval process. For a strong business community, developed for a modern bank. A holistic process for bank manager, loan officers and entrepreneurs in one application – together to the next level. For the good of your nation.

Risk-adjusted pricing offers fair loans for entrepreneurs. Regularly controlling improves the flexibility of the bank and supports a sustainable customer relationship.

For more details call +1 (738) 724-0561. Uwe Pfeffer is pleased to present you the unique web application.

Success trough new technology.

Business goals, strategy and market positioning change constantly in the cycle of a company. It is elementary to set goals, develop a strategy and look at the market opportunity. Nevertheless, all factors need to be flexibly adjusted from time to time.

Idee&Form guides companies to systematically develop and adjust goals, strategies and market positioning. So that everyone knows in which direction the company is going.

Once the problem you are stuck in is understood, different paths can be taken.

We always understand product and strategy development as a dual approach. One’s own wishes and goals must be on the table.

At the same time, it is crucial to take the perspective of the customer for whom a solution is being sought. Who is the typical customer or which new customer segment should be addressed?
Once the key data has been mapped out, innovation methods help to develop a pool of solutions. Which solution is best, and which solution to start with, can be assessed very analytically with attractiveness analyses and focus strategies. Whether one chooses the pet project or an innovative take-back service, the entire portfolio of products and product developments must be aligned.

Together with you and your management team, we develop the very individual goals, strategy and market positioning for your company in a workshop.