Ea$yEvaluation – Portfolio Management through simple Parameterization

What is the greatest value in an organization?
As every business coach and organizational psychologist has often told us, it is of course our human resources.

Yes, guilty as charged, I am an occupational psychologist. Nevertheless, today I want to go a little further.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you have your business. Good, loyal, well-trained employees are rare. And even if you have found that valuable team, the question is whether they have the capacity to walk with you through the emerging changes and innovations to meet the wants and needs of your customers. Or, as is so often the case, are they stuck in the day-to-day tasks, caught up in busywork like transferring daily figures to lists, new calculations, waiting days for responses from colleagues to finish the process. I’m talking about necessary and unattractive activities with a high error rate, which keep us from the really exciting and game-changing activities and hinder the development of our company.

So, how about having software take these monotonous tasks off our hands?

If management fed their strategic lending decisions directly into the system, triggering sales initiatives directly without any employee having to do mindless transfers? 
We gain time for the important things in everyday banking, such as maintaining customer relationships or cross-selling.

It is this simple. Ea$yEvaluation!

You want to listen to a real story of strategic parametrization? Stay tuned and read our next blog.