Ea$yLoan – more than numbers

Many processes in lending for entrepreneurs are not just a mathematical process with logical formulas, but in many places insights from psychology play a big role.

The humanities of psychology, which deals with the behavior of people, can contribute a lot to minimizing risk in lending.

Starting with the insight from statistics that relevant statements require a certain data size and standardization in data collection. 

Or another example: psychology can demonstrate quite well for which decisions humans are better suited than machines and when it is exactly the other way around. Ea$yLoan has taken advantage of this and lets the computer work where it comes to better results than the employee. An interesting article by Daniel Kahneman et al. “Noice – How to Overcome the High, Hidden Cost of Inconsistent Decision Making” clarifies this. See https://lnkd.in/gdGuUVA

Ea$yLoan has taken this widely supported finding from science and gone even further. With the time saved by the standardized process and the many automatisms, the business customer consultant now has time to communicate directly with the entrepreneur. He can take his time, for and with the customer. Psychology has shown that it is much more difficult to deceive people you know and with whom you have built a relationship…