Ea$yLoan – the new and groundbreaking web application

Ea$yLoan is a unique web application (SaaS) that makes business loans realistic.

What is new about it? What is new is that the entire credit process for companies is mapped in a holistic web application.

Ea$yLoan follows a simple structure. By automatically exchanging data between the core tool “Ea$yLoan” and various side tools, such as “Ea$yPlanning”, “Ea$yEvaluation” or “Ea$yReport”, different competencies can be assigned to managers and employees.

Starting with the customer interview, Ea$yPlanning guides the relationship manager through the extended Lean Canvas (Ash Maurya) in a structured way. Both the business owner and relationship manager go through and understand the company’s business model in detail. This gives both confidence to proceed and provides the bank with the relevant information to grant a loan.

The care tool Ea$yEvaluation is also new. The bank’s management can perform its short- to long-term strategic planning at any time in the Ea$yEvaluation monitoring tool included in Ea$yLoan. 

In a next step, Ea$yLoan guides the relationship manager through the bank’s internal questions and calculations. The integrated Ea$yPricing makes it possible for the first time that each entrepreneur receives personal loan conditions according to the risk assessment individually and transparently. An overdraft calculator also handles the complicated calculations for the relationship manager.

Once all the data has been entered in full, the loan application is forwarded to the manager responsible for granting the loan at the touch of a button. In an appealing and annotated overview, he can convince himself of the entrepreneur’s creditworthiness and approve or reject the credit application via e-signature. It would be hard to find a simpler and more error-free way to manage the credit approval process.

Have you ever thought about how helpful it would be to collect local market data to shape the future? Ea$yReport makes it happen. All data in the database can be viewed and clustered via Ea$yReport. Important market information for management can be called up graphically at any time. In this way, the future of the bank can be controlled in a data-based manner.