Ea$yPricing – Entrepreneurs Empowerment

When deciding to offer corporate banking as a financial institution, economic success is of course the top priority. However, the structural impact that a financial institution makes on entrepreneurship in its country should not be forgotten.

If a country is to develop positively, it needs innovative entrepreneurship that creates sustainable jobs.

Empowerment of entrepreneurs is at the heart of this. Basically, there are two forms of empowerment. On the one hand, there is structural empowerment, which refers to the structures and strategies within one’s own business sector. An example of this is the access of an entrepreneur to the product selection at a financial institution in order to increase his economic scope.

On the other hand, there is psychological empowerment. This is composed of four perceptions: 1st, the experience of meaningfulness, 2nd, the experienced competence, 3rd, self-determination and 4th, influence in the market environment. 

Both forms of empowerment are necessary and lead to more entrepreneurship and creativity, but also to higher job satisfaction, stronger entrepreneur-employee bonds and better performance. A high degree of self-determination leads to more individual initiative and openness to change. These are all factors for resilient entrepreneurship. In the spirit of one community and one nation.To create a working environment with a high degree of “empowerment” for entrepreneurs, transparency is very important. It is an important prerequisite for the perception of self-determination as an entrepreneur and the perceived influence on conditions in the working world, such as the profitability of one’s own company. 

So how does transparency, empowerment and entrepreneurship relate to financial institutions?

Entrepreneurs feel empowered when loans are transparent and understandable. When there are clear indicators of the terms spoken. And if they are not yet achievable, this promotes motivation and a higher effort to fulfill the conditions for an entrepreneurial loan at a later stage. Transparent processes create trust between the entrepreneur and the financial institution. The pricing tool “Ea$yPricing” enables a quick and fair calculation based on facts. Thus, corporate loans become transparent and influenceable.