Ea$yReport – The most valuable data for a financial institution

As long as data is not collected systematically, as long as data is not accumulated, as long as data is not analyzed, statements about MSMEs are just gut feelings and only conditionally suitable as a basis for a corporate strategy of financial institutions.

A holistic approach means mindful and systematic data processing.

What does “systematically collected” mean in this context? 
Data is only comparable if it is always collected in the same way. Customer surveys should therefore be aligned with a guideline and, in our case, embedded in a digital process. 

Why does data need to be “cumulated”?
The significance and reliability of data only becomes representative when a very large number of answers or values are combined into one question. However, data collected in Europe is most likely useless for answering specific questions about a particular market, such as the Caribbean. Therefore, it is important to systematically collect and accumulate the appropriate data in the target market.

Who then “analyzes” the data?
Analysis begins with defining the questions of interest. It must be determined in advance what information from the database will provide clues for developing new products and services or for the adjustment of the existing credit commitment. If everything were simply compiled and published, only chaos would result. This is where Ea$yReport is a real help. General reports are already available with visual representations and only need to be updated with the click of a button. If individual questions are of interest, custom reports can be developed and updated at any time.

And finally, the question of “why”?
The goal for the financial institution is to assess its own market as accurately as possible. From this, strategies for the bank’s future can be developed that are based on facts. In concrete terms, this means, for example, adapting products or service offerings or marketing campaigns to push certain sectors.
Collect data once and use “Ea$yReport” to create real analysis about customer behavior, industry trends and developments in your own market for the future. Market information that was previously unavailable in this form. Fact-based history about a market, about industries and sectors and about the behavior of companies. 

Strategic decision-making has never been so data-driven and easy for financial institutions.