Ea$yPlanning – with a Business Plan to a Business Loan

Entrepreneur & Relationship Officer – a team for the Future

Have you ever wondered who studies the 60 – 100 pages of a business plan intensively after an entrepreneur has hired a consultant who created one for a lot of money?

Well, in the best case, only the entrepreneur himself reads through his own business model and tries to understand it. In the worst case – nobody. Yes, and this is not as rare as one would think.

Ea$yLoan takes a different approach with many advantages. First, we use the digital Lean Canvas as a starting point to clearly elicit the relevant factors of a business model. With “we” is meant precisely the entrepreneur with his relationship manager of the banking institution. Both need to know the details of the entrepreneur’s business model.

In order to be able to discuss the details, the Ea$yPlanning tool leads structured deeper into the 9 factors of the Lean Canvas. Thereby, the Unique Selling Propositions can be worked out on the basis of more than 60 real examples.

The “Investment Planning” helps the team to precisely document the costs of starting a business as well as the running costs of existing businesses. This indicates the danger of running into inadequate capital reserves of the company and thus insolvency. 

With the integrated product pricing, industry-specific prices are calculated with the desired margin. Prices no longer copy the usual market level, but are calculated on the basis of facts and strategies. So far, so good.

The income statement and the balance sheet for the previous year are recorded at the “financial planning” level. At the same time, the entrepreneur and the bank’s account manager plan together how the income should look for the next two years. At that point, the entrepreneur and the relationship manager of the financial institution understand the business model.

But the best part is, with a few additions of administrative nature, such as address of the company and the like, at the push of a button a business plan is generated as a PDF, which can be sent directly from Ea$yPlanning via e-mail. 

And best of all, at the push of a button all the data is automatically in the bank’s internal Ea$yLoan web application. Isn’t that an impressive number of advantages.

Simple, flexible and safe – because we care.