A lot of practical experience and a lot of curiosity

The heads behind Idee&form have been able to gather a lot of different experiences in very different companies at very different positions for many years. This has led to the fact that we have been able to accompany many small and large companies in very different situations around the world.

At the same time we focus on the exchange with universities of applied sciences and science. We are curious about new methods, trends and visions.

The idea and the form

The idea, the big picture that it is supposed to become, gives information about the form that is best used to get closer to the big picture, to the vision. This correlation shows impressively that only a clear and catchy vision can determine the perfect organizational form. Idea and form belong together, we are convinced of that.


From the beginning to success

With Design Thinking to develop a Business, we have developed a technique to put a business on a firm footing right from the start. Always take the customer-focused view, ask questions and design answers to guidelines.

Equally important is the right mental attitude to be successful. We provide all this to our young entrepreneurs to leave nothing to chance.

Organizations always mean a lot of shaping

No matter if it is a small company with 2 employees or an SME. In an organization there is always a lot of designing. To create also means to show a lot of courage, because changes can always go wrong. Therefore, it is important to have the goal in mind and to be mentally ready to change. To see the sense behind the necessary change.